This site is about equine therapy. People will learn about how horses can help in improving people’s health and wellbeing. Equine therapy has been used for years to treat people with anxiety, addiction, depression, and physical disability.

The researchers have found this therapy to be very effective. Over the years, people have also started to have trust in it. As a result, now you will find many equine therapy centers around the world.

There are various types of equine therapy available in various equine therapy centers and people can choose the program according to their needs. Therapeutic riding and equine-assisted psychotherapy are the most common programs.

Equine-assisted psychotherapy helps those with mental disorders or cognitive issues. During this session, the clients use various senses while identifying their emotional issues. They work with the horses along with a mental health professional. Therapeutic riding helps children overcome trauma, improve self-esteem, and build up confidence.

In equine therapy, the therapists try to provide a safe space for people to explore their emotional experiences. When a horse is present, it offers a feeling of calmness and peace. The horses react to people’s behavior without any judgment or biases.

Horses are very sensitive to emotion and movement. They can easily tell people’s emotions and behaviors. This nature of understanding makes the clients feel safe. The horse’s feedback also gives people a sense of self-awareness.

When you go to an equine therapy session, you will meet others with similar problems as yours or even worse. This will make you feel good and not left alone. You will feel much better about yourself.

Those who are in a wheelchair long to stand on their feet. Though that’s not possible, horse riding allows them to move on their own and not rely on others. So, it gives them independence.

On this site, you will find articles related to equine therapy, the various programs they offer, their benefits, and more. You will also know about the farm animals that help people with special needs.

Equine therapy is used in therapeutic group activities. Horses provide an empathetic connection and a sense of calm. This type of program can benefit people of all ages.