Programs Offered by Non-Profit Equine Therapeutic Centers

A horse has amazing healing power, and it was discovered in the 1960s. Equine therapy has proved to be very effective for physical and mental health.

Many non-profit equine therapeutic centers are offering equine therapy sessions. You can join these sessions and find out the benefits of equine therapy. Here are some programs they offer.

Equine facilitated psychotherapy

Here a licensed mental health expert works with a certified equine professional and addresses psychotherapy goals. The client and the mental health professional talks about the issues the client is facing and what should be achieved. The equine professional then shows how to go about using equine therapy.

Equine-assisted learning

This program helps clients learn life skills for their personal and professional goals. They perform various equine-assisted activities under the guidance of a professional equine therapist.

Veterans’ horsemanship

This is for the veterans to build better relationships with the horses. Here they learn how to build trust and understand the boundaries. They learn relaxation techniques and know-how to interact with the horses.

Sibling bonding

If there are siblings with special needs, then this program is very helpful for them. This program will help them to bond and share experiences with their siblings. Communication between them will develop and they will be able to encourage each other, thus forming a better relationship.

Therapeutic riding

Equine-assisted activities are done for physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being. The clients will see improvements in health, education, and other aspects of life.

Co-dependency coaching

This program allows people to develop their communication skills and become more confident and empowered. It is a very effective program for those who lack confidence, self-awareness, and self-respect.

The nature club for teens

This program brings the teens closer to nature. Through equine-assisted activities, they learn important skills like leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and others.

These centers provide a safe and supportive environment to practice equine therapy. Through these therapies, people experience their healing and wellness.