How To Prepare for Your First Horse-Riding Lesson

If you have booked your first horse-riding lesson, then you are about to begin a wonderful journey and learn great skills. For your first lesson, you need to make some preparations. Here are some tips.

Wear appropriate gear

You need to wear the right gear for the lesson. At first, horse riding will seem challenging. You will find it difficult just to get on horseback. So, wearing the right gear is very important.

The helmet is one of the most essential items as it’s common for people to fall off from horseback during the first few riding lessons. You should wear comfortable shoes for safety reasons.

The shoes must be ankle height or higher and have a closed toe. The sole shouldn’t slide. The heel must be at least 1 inch. You must wear long pants made of non-slippery and stretchy fabric. Gloves are necessary to prevent sore skin and blisters on your hands.

Work on your fitness

You need to use your muscles to ride a horse and that’s why fitness is important. Do regular exercise which can include cardio and strength training. Being active will make horse riding comfortable for you.

Learn some horse-riding jargon

It is very helpful to learn some common horse-riding jargon before you go on your first lesson. That way you will be able to follow your instructor easily. You should know the meaning of ‘aids’, ‘bridle’, ‘cadence’, ‘gait’, ‘stirrup’, etc.

Stay calm

Try to relax your mind the night before. You can visit online casinos like playstar us casino and play games to relax your mind. A few games of slots or poker will take away the tension. Try to get a good night’s sleep.

Try to arrive early at the first lesson and bring along someone if you are too nervous. Listen to your instructor carefully and you will be fine on the first day.